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Prints and Gifts!
You are one of the people who enjoys my looking at my art. BUT you really have no use for a digital item other than maybe your homescreen. No problem! I sell my artwork in prints and gift items! Please visit my print gallery by clicking here.

For those of you looking for my Zazzle store, it is now permanently closed. I have been a Pro Seller at Zazzle for years. Over the course of that time I have watched as more and more of my earnings were being taken away without my consent. I have watched as Zazzle earns more money and pays far less to the designers and in particular, the artists.

I spend far too much time in the creation of my images to basically give items away for pennies. In doing so, I devalue my own work. So I have bid farewell to Zazzle.

I sincerely hope you folks who buy prints, cards and other gift items can understand, respect and support my decision.

Melissa Krauss aka M. C. Krauss aka Mel