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Honors & Features
Listed on this page are many of the digital art honors I have earned and numerous places on the web where my art has been featured. Please click on the thumbs for more details. If you are interested in a commission, please click here to get more information.

The House in the Glade
The House in the Glade
the heart of the forest
The Heart of the Forest
winter sky
Winter Sky
a hidden place
A Hidden Place
a quiet afternoon
A Quiet Afternoon
autumn glow
Autumn Glow
the gloaming
The Gloaming
the road warrior
The Road Warrior
the snow queen
The Snow Queen
reflections of autumn
Reflections of Autumn

The Lost City of H'sthiris
the dark queen
The Dark Queen
a touch of magic
A Touch of Magic
forever summer
Forever Summer
the river in autumn
The River in Autumn
a place of secrets
A Place of Secrets
forever free
Forever Free
fairy dreams
Fairy Dreams
the huntress
The Huntress
the last dawn
The Last Dawn
the old ways
The Old Ways
upon still waters
Upon Still Waters
give me wings
Give Me Wings
forest guardian
Forest Guardian
the falconer
The Falconer
the moment
The Moment
the blessing
The Blessing
the northlander
The Northlander
remembering the brave
Remembering the Brave
heaven's shield
Heaven's Shield
heaven's bow
Heaven's Bow
heaven's spear
Heaven's Spear
in his darkest hour
In His Darkest Hour
the dryad's daughter
The Dryad's daughter
ice blue
Ice Blue
conjuring magic
Conjuring Magic
a dog of war
A Dog of War
shift in the wind
Shift in the Wind
darker side of light
Darker Side of Light