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Digital Art TOS
On this page is the most current copy of the Digital Background TOS. For your convenience you may print a copy here.

The Terms defined here refer to the purchase of a use license for an image or images downloaded from the art gallery on the domain of Purchase of a limited license to use this artwork under these Terms allows for Personal Use License, Limited Commercial Use License, Extended Commercial Use License and a Print/Gaming License. Your receipt of purchase is your license, store it in a safe place. When you purchase any license to use this art, you are purchasing the right to use it, not the right of ownership and you agree to the all the Terms of Service as outlined and described on this page. These Terms are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of anyone using these images to be aware of the current TOS posted on the website. Use of this artwork indicates your agreement to abide by the terms as listed below. ANY violation of the terms listed here gives Melissa Krauss the right to demand the artwork no longer be used and/or removed from any place where it is in use. Violations of Copyright and Copyright Infringement will result in legal action.

A link back to this site is greatly appreciated but not a requirement for any of the licenses listed below. If you licensed any of the images in this gallery prior to December 30, 2016 the original license terms of use still apply. Please make sure you have a copy of your receipt as proof of your license use. If you want a copy of the original license definitons and terms, please contact me with yor request and forward a copy of your receipt.